A pop-up ADU first time in Los Angeles
September 5 - 22, 2020
Private showings by appointment only
ADU Open House first time in San Diego
October 23-24, 2020
Private showings by appointment only
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Oakland Facility
Let us help you create the ADU of your dreams. Visit our facility in Oakland today!
Los Angeles
Swing by our 3D printed ADU pop up in Los Angeles. For a limited time only!

Oakland (stay tuned)
Visit Our Various Locations in California
Our exclusive private tours will provide a complete experience of the products we offer.
Within the 3D printed unit itself, you will be able to enjoy the look and feel of the furniture, appliances and other features in an environment designed to make you feel right at home.
Initially this Mighty Duo B was built as the client wanted more passive income but after seeing the final completed unit, he made it his primary residence instead.

San Diego
It started off as a vacant space in the backyard and when the client saw the Mighty Studio, it was the perfect fit. Now their kids can enjoy the unit as a pool house.

San Ramon (coming soon)
We're in the midst of production! Coming your way really soon!

Want to see our clients' completed units? We heard your requests!
If you have any questions in regards to permits, ADU laws, and financing - we will be ready to answer all your questions.
Private showings are by appointment only in accordance with public health guidelines.
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