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Configure the house tailored to your needs and build it 2x faster
Put the house on top of existing garage, fit the basement of the demolished building or just add more windows on the side with the great view.
Whatever the case is, Mighty Kit Design Platform is here to digitally customize floor plan and build a 3D-printed panelized house fitting your unique needs.

The Mighty Kit design platform is the core technology used to configure and build the Mighty House. This 3D printed prefab panel system allows for almost infinite customization of ADU, single-family, and some multi-family floor plans.

Express your unique proposal in a new product line

We unite time-saving of prefab and versatility of the stick-built construction with our Mighty Kit Design Platform. There is no need to set up a production line for the every new model. Create floor plans you know will sell better. We are here to print it for you on your demand.

2D plan
Mighty Duplex Premium

1057 sq.ft.
Mighty Deluxe 2 bedroom

546 sq. ft.
Bel Air
Mighty Deluxe 1 bedroom

Total: 544 sq.ft.
Mighty Duplex Micro

Total: 480 sq.ft.
3D-printed panels are all about benefits:
Longevity & safety

Durable stone-like composite is UV, water and fungi resistant and lasts for decades. Combined with steel frame it provides 100% fire protection.

Ease of maintenance

Single composite panel replaces up to 8 layers of traditional materials. Any damage is easily repaired in minutes under UV-light.
Top quality

Panels are manufactured by robots in a controlled environment and with automated QC. We use 95% less labor than traditional construction and thus dramatically reduce mistakes.

Fits most sites

Panels don't require heavy cranes and big trucks. We can deliver the house kits almost everywhere.


Mighty Buildings can produce units with virtually zero waste, eliminating the 3-5 lbs of waste per sq ft generated by traditional home construction.

100% end-to-end digital workflow leads to faster delivery
From design to 3D-printing and finishing Mighty Buildings production process is all about agility. It allows us to build 2x faster.
  • Our Revit plugin easily converts custom floor plan to a custom panelized house.
  • New product is introduced to manufacturing is 2 times faster that in traditional prefab thanks to 3d-printing and robotics.
  • Digital design model directly drives 3D-printing production and reduces human error.
  • Real-time costing via integrated design-build platform.
A typical custom project can be delivered in (how much?) weeks
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