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Increase ROI of your next development project with 3D printed homes

Join us in Los Angeles for an exclusive private tour of a 3D printed ADU!
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New Technologies for Modern Home Building
Mighty Buildings provides architects and homebuilders with a new production platform to unlock efficiency and creativity
Save up to 40% on construction
While the average stick-built home in California costs $327 per square feet, a Mighty Buildings unit home can cost up to 40% less than comparable homes built on-site.

Our automated production costs are up to 20% lower than traditional prefab methods.
2x faster, 95% fewer labor hours, 10x less waste
Start building your project right now! Mighty Buildings' designs are already approved by the State and only require permits for site work. Mighty Buildings' 100% Digital Fabrication process means that as soon as your permits are done your build can be done in less than a month.

Mighty Buildings can produce units with virtually zero waste, eliminating the 3-5 lbs of waste per sq ft generated by traditional home construction
Premium quality homes with modern and sustainable designs at an affordable price

Increase the value of your project at no extra cost with our high-end components combined with 3D printed stone-like materials and modern designs.

Mighty Buildings' technology provides superior energy efficiency making it easy to achieve California's stringent energy code requirements.
New and effective technology solutions
Mighty Buildings obtained the first UL certification for a 3D printed building component, the first UL Evaluation Report of a 3D printed wall construction, and is the first company/product certified under the new UL 3401 standard for 3D printing in construction.

Our 3D printers use a thermoset composite called Light Stone Material (LSM) that hardens when exposed to UV light, making it a more effective building material than concrete due to performance, material efficiency, & insulating ability.

Mighty Buildings is the first company to receive approval under California's Factory Built Housing program for a residential unit incorporating 3D printing
Come take a look for yourself — visit our Demo Unit in Los Angeles
Available for private tours until November 25, 2020
*By appointment only in accordance with public health guidelines.
Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.
6341 Arizona Circle, Los Angeles, CA 90045*
700 sq.ft, 28' x 25'
700 sq.ft, 28' x 25'
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