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Turn your backyard into passive income

  • Turn-key solution
  • 100% safe and ecological
  • Beautiful and sustainable design
  • Certified 3D printing technology
  • Fast delivery
Our Mighty Units
Our Turn-key solution takes care of the end-to-end process from permitting to installation. You name it, Mighty Buildings has got you covered. All you need to do is choose a Mighty Unit, sit back, and relax as we deliver and install your unit for you.
Mighty House Kit
*Unit only price
2 bed/1bath
Total area: 865 sq. ft
Dimensions: 24' x 36'
Price: $185,000*
2 bed/1bath
Total area: 1150 sq. ft
Dimensions: 24' x 48'
Price: $235,000*
2 bed/2bath
Total area: 1199 sq. ft
Dimensions: 24' x 50'
Price: $250,000*
3 bed/2bath
Total area: 1440 sq. ft
Dimensions: 24' x 60'
Price: $285,000*
Get your stunning ADU exterior design by 3D-printing technology
Choose siding, bricks, shinglas or any other cladding to fit your main property. Check what we have out-of-box or request a call to discuss a customized option with our designer.
Get customisation
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Thinking of getting a Mighty Unit for yourself?
Our Project in San Ramon, CA
Your benefits
High-end finishes
Our units come with all interior finishes including countertops, cabinets, appliances, and HVAC system.
Beautiful, modern design
Top-notch architectural companies create the beautiful and sustainable design of our units.
Turn-key solution
You do not have to deal with the hassle of on-site construction, permitting or design.
100% safe and ecological
The materials used in our Mighty Units have been thoroughly tested and certified for use in living quarters. Confirmed in our quality certificates.
Certified 3D printing technology
Our technology is certified by International leaders in the materials industry with strict safety and quality standards.
Fast delivery
Time is money! Our modular houses are built much faster and less invasive than standard on-site construction.
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz
Photo by Jason
Photo by Mike
Interior design
Our plans and layouts are ergonomically designed and the materials we use are carefully chosen to ensure durability and low maintenance. All Mighty units are equipped with cabinetry, HVAC, kitchen, and bathroom appliances.
Turn-key project timeline
Click and go!
Customize your Mighty Unit from the options on the website

- Preliminary compliance check and a site assessment
- Estimated project budget and delivery timeline

Entitlement Services
1-2 months
Customer signs contract and pays a non-refundable $5K deposit

- Sign the Buyer's Contract to prepare your Delivery Roadmap
- Site specific entitelement services include a soils report, property survey, architectural, structural, and MEP drawings to submit for permits

Permitting Process
1-3 months
Proceed with the remainder of the Agreed Purchase Price (10% immediately and remaining balance within 30 days after issuance of necessary permits)

- Permit application submittals and engagement with local jurisdiction
- The Mighty Unit fabrication
- Buyer prepares the property for onsite work

Delivery & Installation
1 month
Sit back and relax while we deliver and install your unit!

- Onsite work for the foundation and utility connections
- Truck delivery + craning
- Unit installation on site

Use our personalized configurator to create your Mighty Unit
Interested in getting your own Mighty Unit?
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