Feasibility study
Request a feasibility study report for your property. It is your first step to learn what you can fit on your property. We will assess our current ADU models and determine which one works best for your property.
Stage of your ADU project
It's totally free
Visit Our Various Locations in California
Our exclusive private tours will provide a complete experience of the products we offer. Within the 3D printed unit itself, you will be able to enjoy the look and feel of interior space, appliances, and other features in an environment designed to make you feel right at home.
Stage of your ADU project
It's totally free
Mighty Trio
At the California state level, these models are approved by the Housing Community Development (HCD) Factory Built Housing program (FBH). City review is limited to site plan layout and unit attachment to foundation. This reduces time sitting in the permitting phase, allowing for units to be listed on the market faster.
Mighty Buildings' technology was the first to receive certification under UL 3401 and California's Factory-Built Housing (FBH) Program. Built with non-combustible materials, our homes are resilient to fire, wind, moisture, insects, earthquake events, and other environmental factors — ensuring longevity and durability over years.
Mighty Buildings' supply chain is substantially disconnected from commodities required in typical construction methods like lumber and steel, which allows us to provide locked-in pricing. Our 100% digital fabrication process shortens the time between mobilization and certificate of occupancy by more than 40%.
Mighty Buildings' products are class leaders in the future of sustainable housing. Our environmentally friendly, near-zero waste technology significantly reduces carbon emissions (2.3 tons of CO2 emission per home). We only print what's necessary, resulting in 95% less construction waste than a traditionally built home. After decades of use, our wall panels can be reused or recycled at the end of a home's life.